Professor Richard Hornby

We note with great sadness the death of our friend and colleague Prof. Richard Hornby.

A member of the faculty of The University of California Riverside, where he had been Professor of Theatre since 1991, Richard was a founder member of the Advisory Board of The Stanislavski Centre, and had contributed to a number of our past events, most recently as the keynote speaker for our Sanford Meisner study day, The Reality of Doing, in 2011.

Richard was born in 1938, and held a Bachelors degree from MIT and an MA and PhD from Tulane University. His earlier academic career included posts at Bowdoin College, The University British Columbia, The University of Calgary and Florida State University.

He was theatre critic of The Hudson Review, New York City, since 1986, and his major publications included Mad About Theatre, Script into Performance and The End of Acting.

Internationally-recognized as an expert on dramatic literature and performance, Richard was a professional actor for 40 years, and directed over 50 theatre productions.

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