An Actor and Yoga: Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, St Petersburg, 26th/27th October



34, Mokhovaia street, St. Petersburg, Russia, 191028

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Call for Papers and Presentations


Under the aegis of The VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum’2018

International practice-as-research conference

An Actor and Yoga

at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts

(former St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, est. 1779),

St. Petersburg, Russia, 26th, 27th October 2018

Proposed program:

  1. Master-classes conducted by teachers who are leading yoga classes at St. Petersburg and Moscow theaters (Maly Theater – Theater of Europe, Theater “Masterskaya” of Grigory Kozlov, Praktika Theatre, etc.);
  2. Papers on the use of yoga in the process of actor training and further work of the actor on himself;
  3. Reports of actors and directors about their experience practicing yoga, and analysis of this practice;
  4. Demonstrations of meditation and pranayama techniques;
  5. Documentary film “Stanislavsky and Yoga” (Russian National TV Channel CULTURE, VGTRK, 2016). The film presents discussions about yoga in actor training with leading world theatre practitioners – directors Anatoly Vasiliev, Luk Perceval, Semen Spivak, playwright Ivan Viripaev, as well as Archimandrite Isidor, Grotowski’s researcher Natella Bashindgiagian, and young actors….

The symposium will open with keynote address

of Prof. Andrey Droznin (Schukin Theatre Institute and Moscow Art Theatre)

Convener of the conference is Prof. Sergei Tcherkasski, the author of “Stanislavsky and Yoga” (Routledge, 2016). Since 2016 for already two years the curriculum of his Acting Studio at RSIPA includes yoga classes for students-actors.

The conference is supported by the Russian Theatre Union, St. Petersburg Council of Theater Educators,

and St. Petersburg’s Iyengar Yoga Center “Ekagrata”, etc.

We invite written proposals for contributions in the following formats:

  • practical/workshop sessions (60 or 90 minutes’ duration)
  • papers (20 minutes’ duration).

In the first instance please send a short-written proposal (no more than 250 words) and your bio (no more than 100 words) to Prof. Sergei Tcherkasski


Final proposals should be sent to arrive no later than 1 September 2018.

Full details of attending the symposium will be published next month.

Please feel free to circulate this information among those who might be interested in yoga and actor training. We’ll be also grateful if you’ll suggest us interesting participants with experience in the topic and advise ideas for inclusion in the program.

Organizing Committee of the Conference “Actor and Yoga”

Rector of RSIPA – Natalia Pakhomova,

Head of Committee – Alexander Chepurov

Deputy Head of Committee – Sergei Tcherkasski

Head of Acting – Veniamin Filshtinsky

Head of Movement –  Tatiana Kuzovleva

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