Archives and Special Collections

The College archives are located in the Special Collections room and contain images and documents relating to the history of Rose Bruford College.

thumb2Alumni Archive The archive contains many photographs of past student performances dating back to 1950.





clive-barker-painterly-105Clive Barker Archive Clive Barker (1931-2005) was the author of Theatre Games, and a teacher, writer and co-editor of New Theatre Quarterly. The collection consists of books on many theatre topics, files of correspondence, programmes and scripts, record and video recordings, and extensive sequences of theatre journals. There are unique collections on the Theatre Workshop and Centre 42.




David BollandDavid Bolland Kathakali Collection Rose Bruford College is privileged to hold the David Bolland Film and Video Collection. This remarkable archive, most generously donated by David Bolland, is primarily devoted to Kathakali, the classical dance theatre of South India, and also includes material on other performing arts of Kerala.

kate crutchley profile shot resizedKate Crutchley Archive Kate Crutchley (1944-2013) worked as a director, actor and programmer at Oval House from 1981-1991. During her tenure she programmed and commissioned a  great deal of Black, Asian, gay, and lesbian theatre, as well as many plays by women. She also acted and directed in Gay Sweatshop’s production of Any Woman Can (1976). Crutchley directed with the Women’s Theatre Group and with her own company Character Ladies. The Kate Crutchley Archive includes scripts, reviews, publicity material, video recordings, and prompt copies.



Sue Frumin Archive The Sue Frumin (1949-) collection includes files on her involvement with The Combination at the Albany Empire, Clapperclaw, Charter Theatre Co., Red Bucket and Shameful Practice, as well as scripts of her plays including Bohemian Rhapsody (1980), Rabbit in a Trap (1981), The House Trample (1984), Raising the Wreck (1985), Fanny Whittington (1988) and many more.


greigNoel Greig Archive Noel Greig (1944-2009) was an influential actor and playwright who co-founded The Brighton Combination, worked with The General Will and was a key member of Gay Sweatshop, later writing extensively for and with young people through Theatre Centre and many other companies. The College is honoured to hold an archive of material related to Noel Greig’s work, which includes scripts, reviews, publicity material, video recordings and research materials.


Stanislavski Centre Archive Konstantin Stanislavski was a Russian actor, director, teacher and theorist. Stanislaski’s “system” is the basis for actor-training throughout the world. The archive contains a valuable collection of books, photographs and visual material. The photographic collection includes black and white photographs of productions staged by Stanislavski at the Moscow Art Theatre including Uncle Vanya (Chekhov),The Power of Darkness (Tolstoy) and The Inspector General (Gogol). Visit the Stanislavski Centre website »



Theatre for Young Audiences Centre Archives



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