Annual College Symposium

The Annual Symposium is a platform for the initiation, development and dissemination of research. Formal teaching ceases for a week when staff and students are joined by alumni and graduate companies; associated artists, researchers, scholars, visiting professors and fellows; local, regional, national and international partners; and distinguished practitioners from the theatre community. The Symposium is linked with specific college-wide research projects, as well as affording space and time for individual students and staff to share their research based work. Moreover, it offers an important opportunity outside the constraints of the curriculum for the College community to interface with the profession and industry in a spirit of enquiry and practical investigation.

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2002 Theatre Memory

2003 Soundings: innovations in and reflections on Music Theatre

2004 Other Voices

2005 Many Voices

2006 Many Voices Too

2007 Universal Voices

2008 The Festival Adventure

2009 Further Festival Adventures

2010 Come Together Festival

2011 Towards a Cultural Olympiad

2012 The Big Rich Mix

2013 Asking the Questions/Questioning the Answers

2014 Here, There And Everywhere: Making Connections through Global Exchange

2015 Off Stage, On Stage and Beyond

2016 In? Out? Shake It All About!

2017 Coming of the New: Evolution and Revolution

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